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The Frontline Obsession by Dr. Radwa Al Attar

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Sarah Bahader

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Written by Dr. Radwa Al Attar, Mental Health Specialist

I spent so many years obsessed with the Halo of being “The first one” or what I can call now suffering from the Frontline obsession.

When you are always in the front line, you can’t connect with people around you because front line prevents you from looking around, you only look forward and forward is empty.

You feel more frustrated each time you take a step forward because you strive for connection and you think that this way will make you more fulfilled. Meanwhile, you feel more empty.

Unlike the front line, In the middle lines experience, you can’t say ME but you say US. Each time you feel with ME in the front line, You feel more and more with loneliness and nothingness.

I praise the state of middle lines whenever I pass through it because I know it is a great chance for connection, grounding and stability.

If you are unique, you are sometimes more in need for middle lines than the front line. You need to be brave enough to enjoy, revive and acknowledge the middle lines experience.

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